In contrast with other cities, Vancouver Police reported no arrests after an afternoon and evening of May Day protests yesterday by groups in the City of Vancouver.

At their peak, a group of about 200 protesters made up of different organizations and causes rallied at the Art Gallery in the afternoon and later marched through downtown Vancouver to Commercial Drive, making numerous stops along the way.

It was at about 9:15 p.m., however, after most of the protesters had left, that a group of about 60 protesters began to congregate in the intersection of Commercial Drive and Charles Street and pile up an assortment of items to light on fire. Members of the Vancouver Police Public Safety Unit, who had been monitoring the protest throughout the day, were mobilized after protesters refused to comply with repeated requests to disperse. The protesters eventually left and the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service moved in to extinguish the burning pile wood, paper, and other items.

There were no arrests and no injuries reported.