It is with great sadness that the Vancouver Police Mounted Unit announces the passing of Police Horse Pico, Badge #8254 on Sunday, October 21st.

Pico joined the Mounted Squad on October 7, 1993. He served the Unit until his retirement on October 4, 2006. During his time with the Department, the majority of members in the Mounted Unit learned how to ride on Pico due to his calm and reliable nature. He was a favourite of the Squad and the public.

After Pico retired, he spent five years as a therapeutic horse at a camp in Southlands, providing young children with companionship and the opportunity to build confidence riding a horse. Unfortunately, in the late summer of 2011, Pico suffered a fall and was no longer able to be ridden by children.

Pico was brought back to the VPD stables to live out the rest of his retirement where he was well looked after by the members of the Mounted Unit.  He received constant visits by police officers and people from the community that had either ridden him or met him while he was in Southlands.

“The members of the Mounted Unit, both past and present, owe a great debt of gratitude to PH Pico,” says Vancouver Police Mounted Unit Sergeant Doug McMillan. “We can all take comfort in the fact that he enjoyed his last year living a life of leisure amongst his friends, and that he passed peacefully, without pain.”

Thank you for your years of service, you will always be remembered and you will be missed.