Vancouver Police are taking the unusual step of warning a small number of protestors believed to be crossing the line between peaceful protest and criminal acts.

The written notice will be given to the individuals beginning on April 17th, explaining that the Vancouver Police are committed to providing an environment that allows for safe and lawful protest, as well as ensuring others are not denied the lawful use and enjoyment of property. The notice explains the legal definition of criminal mischief and that police will take appropriate actions in relation to anyone participating in an activity that is alleged to go beyond peaceful and legal protest.

The VPD polices hundreds of protests a year, ensuring the safety of both protestors and the general public.

“Most of the protestors we encounter are committed to lawful protest,” says Constable Brian Montague. “This letter is another tool we are using to facilitate peaceful demonstrations and is intended to notify this small group that their actions could lead to criminal charges.”