The Vancouver Police want to remind the public, particularly women, to be mindful of their drinks.

Police have noticed an increase in incidents where women are administered drugs in bars and during other types of parties. In many cases, the drugs are administered to victims by men that are known to them.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • sudden light headedness
  • feeling paralyzed or powerless
  • waking up confused
  • severe headaches, vomiting
  • scattered or no memory
  • intoxication with minimal alcohol
  • acting out uncontrollably
  • heightened sex drive
  • hallucinations, loss of consciousness


  • don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know and never take drinks from open bottles or punch bowls
  • never leave a drink unattended and if in doubt, throw it out
  • go out with friends and stay together
  • don’t leave with a stranger, especially if you feel intoxicated or unwell

Advice for friends:

  • have a plan to stay together before you go
  • always go to parties and clubs as a pair or in groups
  • stay together, watch each other and your drinks
  • leave if you or your friend feels ill or drunk for no reason
  • leave with your friend if their behaviour becomes unusual or they appear intoxicated
  • go to your local hospital if you feel ill