Following a six-day ordeal, a French Bulldog named Chloe is being reunited with her owner.

On Thursday, April 17th, around 6:45 p.m., a woman went into the Fall Tattooing Shop located at 644 Seymour Street and made off with the ten-month-old French Bulldog. The woman was captured on surveillance video running from the store. Witnesses reported seeing her flee in a getaway car that was waiting in front of the shop.

Following the alleged dog-napping, social media lit up with stories about the theft and police received numerous calls identifying potential suspects. Early in the investigation, police were hot on the trail of the thief and balanced the delicate task of recovering the dog unharmed.

The subsequent police investigation revealed that Chloe’s theft possibly stems from a dispute between an employee at the tattoo shop and the dog’s original owner.

Yesterday afternoon, Chloe was found roaming a residential neighbourhood in Abbotsford by Fraser Valley Regional District Animal Control. This morning, Chloe is being reunited with her owner from the tattoo shop and police are working to retrace the dog’s steps following her escape from captors.

As the investigation into the theft is ongoing, there is limited information to share at this time.