Impaired drivers continue to put the safety of others at risk as VPD removed 16 impaired drivers from Vancouver’s streets over the weekend.

The VPD deployed 24 officers to six locations throughout Vancouver on Friday and Saturday nights as part of the 2014 Winter CounterAttack campaign. Police conducted 237 Alcohol Screening Device (ASD) tests. Forty-six drivers received suspensions under the provincial Motor Vehicle Act for making a decision to operate a motor vehicle after having consumed drugs or alcohol:

12-hour prohibitions (New drivers) 6
24-hour driving prohibitions for alcohol 5
24-hour driving prohibitions for drugs 4
Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) – warn 13
Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) – fail 16
Immediate Roadside Prohibitions (IRP) – refuse to provide sample 2

Police will be out in force throughout the holiday season, to help you get to and from your events safely.