For those aspiring bike thieves who have not been paying attention, the Vancouver Police are warning you again about their Bait Bike program.

Shortly before 11:00 p.m. on November 18th, police locked one of the bikes to a rack downtown and waited. Officers did not have to wait very long before they observed a man carrying a full-face helmet walk up and inspect the bike. He touched the lock, paced around the bike and then left.

The same man returned about 10 minutes later and again made his way back to the bike. Officers watched him break the lock, remove the bike from the rack and ride away with it. After a three-block ride, officers closed in and interrupted his getaway.

It is the third time this week police have arrested someone allegedly stealing a bait bike.

Everyone is familiar with “Bait Car” programs, but the Vancouver Police has also had a “Bait Bike” program in existence for many years. While numerous bike thieves have been caught as a result of this initiative and other enforcement, there have still been about 3000 bicycles reported stolen in Vancouver this year.

Charges of theft and mischief have been requested for a 49-year-old Vancouver man in this most recent incident.

The Vancouver Police Log It or Lose It campaign encourages everyone to record the serial numbers of their bikes, and other property, so it can easily be returned if recovered. You can also register your bike with the Project 529 bike registry for free.

  • record the serial number of your bike
  • invest in a good quality lock and use it every time you leave your bike unattended
  • lock it properly to a bike rack or other secure place – objects such as street signs
  • can be easily removed from the ground to steal your bike