An arrest by the Vancouver Police and police service dog “Rebel”, shows how the VPD K9 calendar model isn’t letting his modelling career go to his head or stop him from catching dangerous and prolific offenders.

“Rebel” is well known as Mr. September in the 2017 VPD dogs calendar which supports the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, but a break-in to a home yesterday shows he also loves to help kids who have been victims of crime.

Shortly after 10:00 am, police received a 9-1-1 call about a break-and-enter in progress in a residential neighbourhood. Officers arrived at the home quickly, observed a broken rear window, and waited patiently outside for additional police resources including a K9 handler with police dog “Rebel”.

Officers observed a man with a back pack matching the suspect’s description exit the home and walk away. The man observed the K9 and other police officers and began to jog away. When officers yelled to the suspect that he was under arrest and to stop running, he tossed the backpack and went into a full sprint, trying to escape.

The man was not able to outrun the police dog and he was arrested. Officers recovered the bag and contents thrown away by the suspect, as well as a number of items in his possession. The items recovered included the usual valuables, jewellery, cash, electronics, and personal items, but officers also found a stolen piggy bank taken from the bedroom of a small child in the home.

“These crimes can be extremely traumatizing for the victims,” says VPD Constable Brian Montague. “It is hard for many people, and especially young children, to feel safe in their own home after an incident like this.”

The accused was treated for a dog bite and taken to jail. Fifty-five-year-old  Daryl Silas Hunt has been charged with break and enter and he remains in custody.

Daryl Hunt has a lengthy criminal record. He is a federal offender who was recently released from prison and at the time of his arrest he was also wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for being unlawfully at large from his halfway house.

Police were able to return all of the stolen property to the owner and the piggy bank to the young child.