Updates: February 2, 2017  |  December 20, 2016

One man, who was armed with a machete on a busy SkyTrain, remains in hospital after being shot by a VPD officer.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police responded to the 29th Avenue Station at around 8:30 this morning after receiving reports that a man was allegedly threatening passengers with a machete. When officers located him in a SkyTrain car, they evacuated the train and the surrounding area, and closed the doors to the car, containing the man inside.

Transit Police requested the assistance of the VPD, who arrived on scene minutes later. As negotiations continued, the man broke his way out through the closed train doors with the machete. He refused to follow police directions to drop the weapon and was shot by a VPD officer.

The still unidentified suspect was taken to hospital. There is no further information is available about his condition at this time.

The IIO has been contacted and will be investigating.