Yesterday, a veteran member of the Vancouver Police Department was arrested, following an investigation into criminal allegations. The details I can share with you today are limited as a publication ban is in place and the matter is now before the courts.

I can tell you that information was received by the Vancouver Police Department in March 2016 that initiated an investigation into the actions of the officer. The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner was notified of the investigation immediately and was updated on the progress throughout.  The investigation focused on the time period between August 2015 and November 2016.

Today, as a result of that investigation, Crown Counsel has approved six criminal charges against Detective Constable James Fisher:

  • sexual exploitation (three counts)
  • sexual assault
  • breach of trust
  • and obstruction of justice.

He has been suspended from duty as a result of this investigation.

It is rare for a VPD officer to be charged with offences such as these, and it is not reflective of the other members of our police department. There is no information to suggest that another officer was involved.

Every day, our officers are faced with very difficult and challenging situations.  Our officers build strong relationships with the community, and they act with integrity, courage, compassion and respect.

Chief Constable Adam Palmer

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call 604-717-0607.