The Vancouver Police Department and the Vancouver Police Board bestow a number of annual awards on its members, civilian staff, and citizens.

Police Board Certificate of Merit

This award is given by the Vancouver Police Board to a citizen when, on their own initiative and in the face of actual or anticipated danger, they have assisted the police in preventing a crime, apprehending or attempting to apprehend an offender or made a life saving attempt.

Chief Constable's Commendation

The Vancouver Police Department's Chief's Commendation can be awarded to police officers and civilian staff who:

  • demonstrate over the course of a single investigation, operation, or incident skill, judgement, dedication or integrity in the performance of duty; or
  • demonstrate the highest standards of police conduct or humanitarianism in a single operation, incident or investigation; or
  • for diligent and sustained effort in the performance of duties; or
  • for developing a method or program that has a positive effect on the operation of the Department

Chief Constable Unit Citations

A unit is defined as two or more members, police and / or civilian, working together. Members of a unit are eligible for a Unit Citation:

  • for diligent and sustained effort in the performance of duties well above that which is normally expected; or
  • for an outstanding performance in relation to a single investigation, operation or incident; or
  • for developing a method or program that significantly affects the operation of one or more divisions in the Department

Chief Constable's Award of Valour

The Chief Constable's Award of Valour is awarded to police officers:

  • for demonstrating the most conspicuous act of bravery in extremely hazardous circumstances; or
  • for a daring or pre-eminent act of valour, self-sacrifice or exceptional devotion to duty in the presence of grave danger; or
  • for purposely taking action for the benefit of others while knowing that, in doing so, they placed themselves at substantial risk of death or serious injury

Jim and Vicki Chu Community Safety Leader Award

This Vancouver Police Board civilian award is in honour of retired Chief Constable Jim Chu and his wife, Vicki, also a former VPD officer.

The award recognizes a citizen who has made an outstanding contribution towards crime prevention and improving safety at the community and neighbourhood levels. Nominees and recipients will have shown exemplary leadership and demonstrated passion for making Vancouver a great place to live.

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