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Block Watch

block watch logoBlock Watch is all about neighbours helping neighbours. Households, apartments or condominiums on a block form a communication chain aided by a map of names, telephone numbers, and addresses.

In Vancouver, the Block Watch constable and civilian coordinator support each team, with area-specific crime statistics and training opportunities available. Participants not only watch out for suspicious activities to reduce the likelihood of crime, but also connect with and look out for one another.

Vancouver residents continually rate the Block Watch program as one of the most important crime prevention programs VPD offers.

Block Watch History

The Block Watch program was initiated in Seattle in 1974, with participating homes seeing a decrease in residential break-ins of between 48-62%.

Surrey was the first municipality in B.C. to start a Block Watch program, which has now spread the length of Greater Vancouver and through several communities across the province.


Chief Adam Palmer encourages you to learn more about
the Vancouver Block Watch Program.

Block Watch in Vancouver

The Vancouver Block Watch program started in 1989, and in 2019, celebrated its 30th year as a VPD community-based crime prevention program.

The program currently has 400 active Block Watch groups. That adds up to 700 community leaders, called captains and co-captains, who have involved 7,300 of their neighbours.

That's 8000 extra pairs of trained eyes and ears across Vancouver who are looking out for each other and their neighbourhoods.

Join or start a Block Watch today and help the VPD reach its goal of having a Block Watch on every block.

Why Join or Start a Block Watch Team?

  • direct access to a police officer to assist with your neighbourhood crime and nuisance issues

  • opportunity to invite a police officer to do a security assessment walk-about in your neighbourhood and/or complex

  • participate in specialized training to recognize the body language and other situational identifiers that enable you to confidently identify and report suspicious activity to police

  • learn what a property crime thief will say to you if they have just scoped your home or condo and what to do when they leave

  • learn techniques to make your house, condo or townhouse less noticeable to a property crime thief

  • receive weekly crime statistics detailing property crime incidents by block, and weekly crime hot spots that will indicate dates and times so you know what is happening in your neighbourhood

  • better connection with your neighbours, leading to a greater sense of community



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What kind of crime is happening in your neighbourhood?

Block Watch Weekly Crime Statistics + Crime Heat Maps


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Want to Start a Block Watch?

If you're interested in starting a Block Watch in your neighbourhood, here's where to start.


Check out the Block Watch Society of BC quarterly newsletter for tips on crime prevention.

How Do They Do It?

Watch how property crime thieves break into your home:

Contact the VPD Block Watch Team

Contact Block Watch Constable Stephanie Cullingworth or Block Watch Coordinator Leah Marlay at:

Tel: (604) 717-2857
Email: blockwatch@vpd.ca
Fax: (604) 717-2888

Site Address
2120 Cambie Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Z 4N6

Captain & Co-Captain Training

For the next training session for Captains and Co-Captains, see Information for Captains.

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Wait for the Gate

Watch a video of what can happen if you don't wait for a security gate to close.