Crime Prevention & Safety

Crime Prevention & Safety

The information contained in these pages has been gathered from years of police work, as well as extensive research in the field of crime prevention.

In order to keep yourself, the people you care about and your property safe, you need to remember there are three things necessary for a crime to occur:

  • a victim
  • a suspect
  • an opportunity

If you take away one of these ingredients, you will not become another victim. We encourage you to review the resources we've compiled in order to minimize your risk to crime and assist the VPD in making Vancouver a safe city.

See crime prevention and safety information:

Crime Prevention and safety information for individuals
Crime prevention and safety information for homes and rental properties
Crime prevention and safety information for businesses
Crime prevention and safety information for seasonal events
Who's Watching It When You're Not

Nothing to Steal but This Sign

Download a pdf of this seatmat and
help deter theft from your vehicle.


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Block Watch

Block Watch

Block Watch is all about neighbours helping neighbours. Join Block Watch and help reduce crime in your neighbourhood.

Have you been a victim of break-and-enter?

Coming home to find your home has been broken into can be a traumatic experience. You've called the police - now what?


Find more tips on A Victim's Guide to Break-and Enter.

Are You Helping Thieves?

Are You Helping Thieves?

The VPD's "Are You Helping Thieves?" campaign aims to educate the public about simple ways to prevent crime using tongue-in-cheek examples of what NOT to do.

Take a trip through Easy Target Estates and check your knowledge of crime prevention.