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Property Crime Support Unit

Property Crime Support Unit

The Property Crime Support Unit consists of investigators specializing in Anti-Fencing and Auto Crime Enforcement.

Anti-Fencing Unit

Anti-Fencing investigators and their coordinator monitor and regulate pawnshops and the secondhand industry in Vancouver, ensuring businesses comply with the City of Vancouver Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Bylaw No. 2807.

The Unit uses a database, which assists in identifying any stolen property or suspects in property crimes. The members monitor online sales and auction sites, and find and dismantle any locations fencing stolen property. They also assist patrol officers and other investigative units in locating stolen property and finding owners of seized property.

Auto Crime Enforcement Unit

The Auto Crime Enforcement Unit is responsible for conducting investigations involving stolen vehicles. These investigations include fingerprint identification, source information, auto theft rings and / or chop shops, secondary examinations, re-numbered vehicles, and the follow up of vehicles seized for investigative purposes.

Investigators in the Unit liaise with other law enforcement agencies, ICBC, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, and the Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team.

Members provide training to other police officers in auto theft investigations, including procedures for giving evidence in court for possession of break-in instrument charges. They also use their expertise with GPS and other tracking technology to assist in stolen vehicle and stolen property investigations.

Auto Crime Enforcement investigators regularly give educational presentations to the public on the theft of and theft from autos.

The Unit is also responsible for the Bait Car program in Vancouver.