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Taxi Team

The Taxi Team is responsible for the administration and enforcement of taxis and limousines operating in the City of Vancouver. The Team works closely with the City Licensing Department who issues and revokes vehicle-for-hire licenses.

The Taxi Team consists of one constable, whose duties involve:

  • screening new drivers for basic geographical skills, performing background checks and administering a general knowledge test to taxi applicants
  • recording and resolving complaints regarding taxi drivers’ behaviour and actions
  • inspection of taxi cabs and limousines to ensure good mechanical condition and cleanliness

A taxi is defined under Section 32.01 of the MVAR as a motor vehicle having a seating capacity of not more than 10 persons, which with its driver is operated or plied for hire by members of the public.  This definition would include all taxis and sedans, limousines and SUV-style limousines.

VPD Taxi Team Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I drive a taxi or limousine. Am I exempt from wearing my seatbelt?

A: As of 2019, taxi drivers are no longer exempt and must wear a seat belt at all times.

Q: I am a visitor to Vancouver. Does my infant / child have to be in a child restraint or booster seat when travelling in a taxi?

A: The driver or operator of a taxi is exempt from the Child Seating and Restraint regulations under Section 36.09(b) of the MVAR.

Q: Is the driver of my taxi supposed to display an identification card on the vehicle?

A: Any driver operating a taxi from one of the four licenced Vancouver taxi companies (Yellow Cab, Black Top / Checker, McLure's and Vancouver Taxi) must display their identification card as required under Section 23(23) of the Vancouver Vehicle for Hire Bylaw 6066.

Chauffeur's Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Holders of Chauffeur’s Permits (CP) in the City of Vancouver are required to make themselves aware of all municipal, provincial and federal regulations related to operating a taxi or limousine. Some common questions are:

Q: What forms or documents must I submit to the VPD when applying or re-applying for my Chauffeur’s Permit?

  1. Written proof of prospective employment with a company licensed in the city of Vancouver (prospective employer will provide)

  2. Valid Class #1, #2, or #4 BC driver's license

  3. Current BC driver's licence abstract and ICBC claims history

  4. Certificate of completion for Taxi Host Pro or equivalent training as required under Section 6(3) of City of Vancouver Bylaw 6066

  5. Completed VPD Chauffeur and Vehicle for Hire permit application (available from prospective taxi employer)

  6. Completed (unsigned) VPD request and consent for record check and disclosure waiver form (also available from prospective taxi employer)

Q: What training do I have to complete prior to applying for a Chauffeur’s Permit in Vancouver?

A: Taxi driver applicants must complete training as set out in the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw 6066, commonly referred to as Taxi Host and Taxi Host Pro.

Q: What class of license must I have to drive a taxi or limousine?

A: A valid class 4, 2 or 1 British Columbia driver’s license.

Q: Must I display my Chauffeur’s Permit in the City of Vancouver?

A: Chauffeur’s Permits issued by the City of Vancouver to taxi drivers must be displayed on the dash of the taxi cab. Limousine drivers must have a Chauffeur’s Permit, but are not required to display their permits.

Q: Can I drive for a taxi or limousine company outside the city of Vancouver with my Vancouver-issued permit?

A: No, the permit issued by the City of Vancouver is only valid for the Vancouver licensed company you have been hired by to drive a taxi or limousine.

Q: How long is my Chauffeur’s Permit valid?

A: Chauffeur’s Permits issued in the City of Vancouver are valid for two years and will expire on your birthdate.

Q: What are the types of offences or convictions that will prohibit a person from being a successful applicant for a Chauffeur’s Permit or renewal/cancellation of a Chauffeur’s Permit?

A: Applicants should be aware that some types of offences or convictions may result in your permit being denied, suspended or cancelled including, but not limited to:

  • any conviction for a sexual offence (suspension indefinite)
  • any criminal conviction for a criminal offence related to the profession in the previous three years
  • a conviction of three or more Motor Vehicle Act offences in the preceding two years while driving a vehicle for hire
  • a driving prohibition for alcohol or drugs in the preceding three years while driving a vehicle for hire
  • use of or dealing in narcotics or drugs


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