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A bank robber, believed to be linked to eleven recent bank robberies, was caught in the act by two Vancouver Police officers this past weekend.

On Sunday, December 16, two VPD officers in plain clothes, who were aware of a recent rash of bank robberies, focused on the few banks in the downtown core that are open on Sundays.

At about 2 p.m. they noticed a man enter a bank in downtown Vancouver and commit a robbery. The officers arrested Darwin McGrath, a 50-year-old Vancouver man, with stolen money, shortly after he left the bank. McGrath is in custody and has been charged with one count of robbery.

“We are very proud of our two patrol officers who went beyond the call and brought an end to a series of dangerous robberies that were continuing at an alarming rate,” says Sergeant Jason Robillard, Vancouver Police. “Although no physical injuries were reported in any of the robberies, these types of crimes can be emotionally distressing for anyone involved.”

VPD investigators anticipate additional charges against McGrath, as they believe he may be responsible for eleven bank robberies in total – ten committed in Vancouver and one in Surrey. The investigation is ongoing.

The Vancouver Police victims services team offers support and provides resources for victims of crime, witnesses and their families. Referrals are typically made by the officer on scene. However, individuals can self-refer to the program by contacting VPD’s victim services at (604) 717-2737.