Sometimes, a criminal record check cannot confirm your identity through your name alone, so you may have to provide fingerprints. This ensures that anyone charged or convicted of a crime can’t hide it, but it also protects people from being associated with crimes they did not commit.

The VPD provides this fingerprinting service for:

  • immigration or citizenship purposes
  • foreign travel, visas, US waivers
  • legal name changes
  • record suspension (pardon) applications
  • security applications
  • applications to work with children or vulnerable adults (part of the Criminal Record Review Program)

VPD Fingerprint Services is located at 3585 Graveley Street. We are open Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, by appointment only (closed statutory holidays).

Schedule Your Appointment

You need to come in person for our electronic fingerprint service.

We submit the fingerprints on your behalf to the RCMP in Ottawa, where they will complete a fingerprint-based certified criminal record check.
We are not doing traditional ink-and-roll fingerprinting at this time.

Please see the RCMP Civil Fingerprint Screening Services website for information on their policies and timelines. If you are checking on the status of your record check, you can also call them at (613) 998-6362 or email

What to Bring to Your Appointment

It’s essential to be prepared for your appointment. You must:

  • Bring your completed Request for Fingerprint Service form. You can download the form or pick one up at our public information counters.
  • Bring all relevant documents from the agency requesting your check (i.e., Criminal Records Review Program applicants must bring their CRRP forms; Canadian Citizenship and PR applicants MUST have their official request letter from the IRCC).
  • Bring two pieces of valid government-issued identification (one must include a current photo).
  • Bring payment for the services. We prefer credit or debit cards for payment. New service fees are effective January 1, 2023.

Fingerprinting Fees

The Vancouver Police Department accepts debit, VISA, and MasterCard for payment of fees.

FEES January 1, 2024
Digital fingerprints $64.00
Criminal Record Review Program $64.00

** Depending on your reason for sending the fingerprints to Ottawa, an additional $25 processing fee may be payable to the RCMP. We collect this fee on the RCMP’s behalf.

Reclaiming Your Indigenous Name

The Vancouver Police Department supports the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, including Calls to Action 17. As a result, the VPD will waive all administrative fingerprinting fees for Vancouver residents so they can reclaim their Indigenous name.

Appearance Notices

Were you arrested on a criminal matter and given an appearance notice and a date for fingerprinting?

Your fingerprinting will be done at our 236 East Cordova Street location. Service is Monday to Friday (closed holidays), from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Please show up on the date provided on your appearance notice.

Acceptable Forms of Identification

What are “acceptable” forms of identification for Fingerprinting / Police Information Checks?

Driver’s licence (with photo, not expired) YES
BC Services ID Card (with photo, not expired) YES
Combined DL & BC Services**
** counts as one form of ID
Passport (not expired) YES
Permanent Resident Card (not expired) YES
Birth Certificate YES
Valid citizenship card YES
Indian Status card YES
Nexus Card YES
PAL (Firearms possession and acquisition licence) YES
Current student ID (youth applicants only) YES
Social Insurance Card NO
Credit Card NO
Debit / Bank Card NO
Gym / Costco / Other club membership cards NO