For more than 10 years, the Community Police Academy has been bringing together leaders from Vancouver’s diverse communities, with a goal of increasing community involvement for diverse people.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, 20 participants are recruited for this outreach program. So far, over 400 community members have taken part.

The program provides information in a fun and engaging way to ensure it can be shared with the community groups and/or clients the community leaders represent or work with.

The program allows the VPD an opportunity to highlight the work we do. It also allows us the opportunity to fundamentally change the impressions and perceived ideas of policing for the participants, and subsequently their larger communities.

The three-day course focuses key aspects of policing, such as:

  • Use of force and tactical practices that police officers use when responding to a call
  • “Anatomy of a Crime” workshop, highlighting policing practices from beginning to end
  • Meet with the Chief Constable
  • Ride-along in the different districts, including traffic enforcement


The instructors are police officers and personnel from the Department who are trained and experienced in the subjects they teach. Their stories and opinions give the participants a broader perspective on policing.

Selection Process

Participants are selected to reflect the broadest possible range of individuals who have significant roles within our communities. Efforts are also made to obtain a diverse class based on age, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural or religious backgrounds.

All candidates must undergo a background check and sign a waiver of liability.

How to Apply

Mail your completed Community Police Academy application form, along with a photocopy of your driver’s licence or other government-issued identification, to:

Community Police Academy
Vancouver Police Department
3585 Graveley Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V5K 5J5


Questions regarding the Community Police Academy can be sent to