Applications are now closed for the 2024/2025 school year.

In this 28-week youth leadership program, you will learn life skills to help you become a leader in your community, help you make difficult decisions, and show you how to set and achieve your goals. You will also make lifelong friendships with your fellow cadets, who become like a second family.

What else will I learn?

  • teamwork
  • community service
  • physical fitness
  • nutrition
  • communication
  • public speaking

How do l learn?

Cadets get an inside look at different police units, including the Marine Unit, Mounted Squad, Canine Unit, Traffic Section, and Gang Crime Unit, to understand how they work together to serve and protect Vancouver residents.

You join Police Judo, where you learn self-defence skills, along with building character and self-esteem.

Cadets practice marching, and you will use your skills in the annual Remembrance Day and Chinese New Year parades. You take part in events like the Pulling Together Canoe Journey, the Polar Bear Plunge, and Tough Mudder, along with annual weekend camping trips, snowshoeing, and laser tag.

How do I join?

We are looking for a diverse group of participants, with different strengths and interests.

If you want to apply to become a VPD cadet, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Grade 9, 10 or 11 student at a Vancouver school, or you live in Vancouver
  • want to graduate and you don’t miss a lot of school
  • a desire to learn new leadership, teamwork, and communication skills
  • want to make your community a better place
  • willing to fully participate in Cadet activities
  • willing to accept and follow all procedures and regulations of the Cadet Program
  • no serious arrests or convictions
  • no record of repeated negative interactions with police
  • no affiliation with gangs or other criminal groups

Many cadets are interested in law enforcement careers, but the values and skills promoted in the program can be useful for any career. Our graduates have achieved personal success in their post-secondary education, and employment across the public and private sectors, including the military and with the VPD.

Rise to the challenge and become a VPD cadet today!

VPD Cadet Oath

I do solemnly promise, upon my honour, to uphold the standards and duties of a VPD Cadet;

I pledge to treat those at home, school, and in my community with respect and compassion, and I will support my fellow cadets at all times;

I am trustworthy in words and actions, and I will be accountable for the choices I make;

I pledge to continuously work toward excellence, and I will strive to go Beyond the Call in all aspects of my life;

I will serve proudly as a VPD Cadet.


If you have a question about the Cadet Program, please email us at

Vancouver Police Foundation

Thanks to the generosity of the Vancouver Police Foundation and their respective donors, the VPD Cadet program is completely free of charge, including all program materials and associated fees.