Reporting a financial crime

If your credit card, bank card or cheques have been used without your permission, you don’t have a suspect, and you have lost less than $10,000, you can report it online.

Call 604-717-3321 if you have lost over $10,000 or for any other type of financial crime that happens in Vancouver.

Other agencies that investigate financial crimes

Telephone scams or email fraud

Emails or phone calls advising you have won something or advising you are in trouble with the Canada Revenue Agency or Immigration, are almost always fraudulent. As well, any emails or phone calls asking for your personal information or banking or credit card information are not legitimate. Do not respond to these emails or calls — report them to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

If you have been a victim of one of these scams or your personal information has been compromised, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to file a report and the Canadian credit bureaus for assistance.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
Toll Free – 1-888-495-8501

Credit bureaus

There are two credit bureaus in Canada. If your personal information has been compromised, you need to contact both of them:

Lost or stolen identification

If your identification was lost or stolen in Vancouver, you can report it online or by calling our non-emergency number at 604-717-3321. If there is an identifiable suspect, you cannot report it online. If it did not happen in Vancouver, please report it to the police agency in the area where it was lost / stolen.

To report a lost or stolen Canadian passport, contact the Canadian Passport Program at 1-800-567-6868, or go in person to the nearest Service Canada Passport Office.

To report a lost or stolen foreign passport, you can report it online or by calling our non-emergency number at 604-717-3321 or in person to either VPD public service counter:

3585 Graveley Street
Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2120 Cambie Street
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you are reporting a stolen Canadian or foreign passport and the suspect is identifiable, please call our non-emergency line at (604) 717-3321.

Local residents

The following must be provided:

  • passport number (if you do not know your number, please get it from your consulate or embassy before coming to our public service counter)
  • current picture identification or several other pieces (one item with your signature)


The following must be provided:

  • please bring whatever ID you have available – if you don’t have any ID, please bring in your hotel receipt, airline tickets or vehicle rental receipt

More information

Learn more about how you can help prevent becoming a victim of fraud.