I currently live outside of Canada and require a police information check. What can I do?2024-04-09T10:30:44-07:00

If you are currently living outside of Canada and require a record check, please visit the RCMP website for Steps for getting a certified criminal record check.

You will be required to go to your local police or accredited fingerprinting agency to have your fingerprints taken so they can be digitalized and submitted to the RCMP in Ottawa.

When are public auctions of unclaimed property held?2023-08-22T09:37:48-07:00

At least once a year an auction is held to dispose of unclaimed property.  Articles include bicycles, jewelry and general merchandise. Vehicles are not sold at this auction. For more information about upcoming auctions, visit Able Auctions and look for “police recovery auctions.”

I am an HR advisor and I received a police information check from one of my employees. How can I tell if it has been tampered with?2021-07-06T14:12:28-07:00

Employers and volunteer agencies should only accept PIC and PIC-VS results from the Vancouver Police Department:

If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a police information check, please call at (604) 717-3044.

Can I pay an extra fee to expedite my police information check?2021-07-06T14:09:35-07:00

The VPD does not offer an expedited service for police information checks. All applicants are processed in order of date received. However, if the applicant is leaving the county and needs to take the police information check with them, they can bring in a copy of their flight information and we will do our best to get the check done in time.

How do I reach the police officer assigned to my case?2021-05-20T12:07:48-07:00

Call (604) 873-7000 and ask for the officer by name or by badge number to reach their voicemail.

What if there are no changes to our block? Do I still need to send in an annual list of participants?2021-05-20T12:19:31-07:00

Yes. Each calendar year you need to send in an updated list to the Block Watch office to keep your Block Watch program active.

Do I need an appointment to drop off my police information check?2021-07-06T13:53:26-07:00

Yes, during COVID we do require an appointment. We are open seven days per week, including statutory holidays, from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

How do I give my comments / feedback on a VPD officer or the Department?2021-05-20T12:04:11-07:00
What is a complaint?2021-05-17T23:42:51-07:00

Complaints generally have to do with police misconduct that affected you personally or that you witnessed. Most complaints are about police actions that may affect public trust.

Your complaint must be made no more than 12 months after the incident occurred.

Your right to make a complaint against the Vancouver Police Department is set out in the B.C. Police Act. This law affects all municipal police in British Columbia.

What legal services are available to me?2021-07-06T14:39:32-07:00

Call the B.C. Legal Services Society (Legal Aid) at (604) 601-6000 or Dial-A-Law Lawyer Referral Service at (604) 687-3221.

Do I have to register my car alarm?2021-05-17T23:41:36-07:00

No. City of Vancouver Bylaw #7111 does not require registration of vehicle alarms such as automobiles, motorcycles, and boats (unless the boat is used as the primary residence and is occupied on a full-time basis).

How do I request a police officer to attend our neighbourhood meeting?2021-05-20T12:21:38-07:00

To request a police officer attend your neighbourhood meeting, contact the Block Watch office at (604) 717-2884. See Neighbourhood Meeting section for details

How do I make a request under the Freedom of Information Act?2022-06-08T09:34:20-07:00
Why do I have to pay $25 to the RCMP to complete a vulnerable sector check for employment purposes?2021-07-06T14:22:50-07:00

The RCMP does not retain the $25 processing fee for vulnerable sector checks. Fees are payable to the Receiver General for Canada, in accordance with federal regulations, and are deposited into the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

For purposes of volunteer positions (no payment for services), there is no federally regulated processing fee that has to be submitted to the RCMP for requesting a vulnerable sector check.

How do I apply to be a Vancouver police officer, Traffic Authority Constable, or Jail Guard?2021-05-17T23:39:15-07:00
What is the Block Watch program?2021-05-20T12:17:21-07:00

Block Watch is a free community program operated by the VPD Block Watch office. Citizens in the community, with the help of the Block Watch coordinator and constable, are responsible for organizing, operating, and maintaining the Block Watch program in their neighbourhoods. The goals of the program are:

  • for residents to become actively involved in crime prevention in their community
  • to reduce crime in the community
  • to increase people reporting suspicious activities to police
  • to promote pride and awareness in the community
What systems do you review when conducting a police information check?2021-07-06T14:13:27-07:00

We use the following:

  • Legacy RMS – Vancouver Police Department Records pre-March 2001
  • PRIME – Police Records Information Management Environment – post March 2001
  • CPIC – Canadian Police Information Centre (national police database held at the RCMP central repository in Ottawa)
  • PIP – Police Information Portal (local databases of police agencies across Canada)
  • JUSTIN – Justice Information (BC court information)
I have questions about becoming a Special Municipal Constable.2022-02-25T14:55:07-08:00

Please visit our Recruiting FAQs.

What does the RCMP do with the fingerprints after the vulnerable sector check is completed?2021-07-06T14:27:10-07:00

The RCMP destroys fingerprint submissions 90 days after a search is completed, and the results are returned to the Vancouver Police Department. The fingerprints are not added to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records and are not searched for future purposes.

How is a found bicycle picked up?2021-06-01T12:57:21-07:00

The public can report found bicycles to (604) 717-3321.

I don’t agree with the information that was released on my police information check. What can I do?2021-07-06T14:30:03-07:00

First, please call (604) 717-3044. If you are still not satisfied with the information provided, please refer to the Reconsideration Request Process.

I am a reporter looking for information.2021-05-20T12:05:55-07:00

If you cannot find the information on our website, please contact our media spokespersons at media@vpd.ca.

Who can I call if I am in crisis and your office is closed?2021-07-06T14:37:53-07:00

Call the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of B.C. Crisis Line 24 hours at (604) 872-3311.

What information will be released on my police information check?2021-07-06T14:21:51-07:00

Please refer to our police information check webpage.

I already had a police information check done for work last year. Do I need to pay to get another one if I’m applying to be a volunteer now?2021-07-06T14:04:59-07:00

Yes. Anytime you are asked to get a police information check, you must pay to have one processed. It is not an item that can be re-used.

How do I apply to the Forensic Identification Unit?2021-05-20T12:22:04-07:00

The VPD only has police officers working in our Forensic Identification Unit. Experience as an investigator and presenting evidence in court is a very important part of the work. The RCMP has laboratory work for civilians.

What happens when a Captain or Co-Captain moves or resigns?2021-05-20T12:21:04-07:00

Contact the Block Watch office. The remaining participants must find a new Captain or Co-Captain.

The new Captain or Co-Captain must then fill out an application form and go through the training before they can be involved in the Block Watch program.

What other websites can I use to find helpful information for victims?2021-07-06T14:41:28-07:00
How do I get a copy of a police report?2022-06-08T09:35:02-07:00

See Information & Privacy Requests or contact the VPD’s Information and Privacy Unit at (604) 717-3071.

Can I submit my application by email or fax?2021-07-06T13:54:46-07:00

No. You must book an appointment (police information check | fingerprinting) and come to the Vancouver Police Department at 2120 Cambie Street in person.

How long does it take to get my police information check back?2021-07-06T14:09:01-07:00

The length of time depends on our customer volume. Typically, they are completed within one to two weeks if there is no follow-up that needs to be completed. If the applicant has lived elsewhere in Canada in the last five years, or there are files that need to be reviewed, the process can take up to four weeks or more.

I want to adopt a child. Why do I have to submit my fingerprints to Ottawa?2021-07-06T14:27:50-07:00

In addition to a police information check, all adoption applicants must submit their fingerprints to the RCMP Canadian Real-Time Identification Services (CCRTIS).

For the protection of our most vulnerable and in the interest of public safety, CCRTIS will use the fingerprint submission to verify if an individual has a record for pardoned sex offences. If one exists, CCRTIS will ask the Minister of Public Safety for approval to determine if the record should be disclosed.

I have questions about becoming a Vancouver Police officer.2022-02-25T14:54:11-08:00

Please visit our Recruiting FAQs.

How does the Block Watch program work?2021-05-20T12:18:52-07:00

Police cannot be everywhere at all times. They need help from the community to effectively prevent, reduce, and investigate crime, by having residents identify and report all suspicious circumstances to police.

The more people who are actively involved with Block Watch, the more successful the program.

Read more about Block Watch.

How do I find out if a bicycle or a vehicle has been reported stolen to police?2021-06-01T12:58:19-07:00

You can search the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database, which is used by all police agencies in Canada.

How long is found property held before the finder can claim it?2023-08-22T09:36:25-07:00

Found property is returned to the lawful owner as soon as possible.  If the owner cannot be determined or located and all investigation is concluded, the finder can claim the article after six months. The finder can check on the status of the property by calling the Property Office at (604) 717-2726 after 90 days. Some items such as prohibited articles or identification, and personal electronic devices like cell phones, will not be returned to the finder. Prisoner Property for safekeeping is held for 15 business days before it is disposed of.

I heard that I can get a volunteer record check done for free. Why are you charging me a fee?2021-07-06T14:10:14-07:00

In February 2013, the Minister of Justice announced that the provincially run Criminal Records Review Program would be amended to also provide free criminal record checks for volunteers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults. In order to participate, your volunteer organization needs to register or “opt in” to the new program. Enrolment is not mandatory and volunteer organizations may choose not to register and continue using the police for this service.

My employer has requested more than one police information check. Do I have to pay for every one?2021-07-06T14:06:44-07:00

It will cost $10 for each additional embossed original. In order to offer this reduced fee, you will need to make the request on the same date that you apply – this cannot be backdated or offered on a future date.

I received a 12-hour / 24-hour suspension and my driver’s licence was seized. Where do I pick it up once my suspension is done?2021-05-20T12:03:08-07:00

Your licence can be picked up at the Vancouver Police Public Service counter at 2120 Cambie Street, open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bring a copy of your suspension with you.

Do you have work experience programs?2021-05-20T12:22:45-07:00

Unfortunately, no. The nature of our work means that anyone present at a serious crime scene must be available for court as a witness. This process can take years and if the individual involved is not available for court, the case could be compromised. Also, there is often confidential evidence collected at major crime scenes.

Where can I drop off found property?2021-06-01T12:55:14-07:00

Found property can be dropped off at 2010 Glen Drive from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday and Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (closed statutory holidays).

I need to report a crime.2021-06-27T14:29:02-07:00
A file was released on my police information check and I would like a copy of the police report. How can I obtain one?2021-07-06T14:28:35-07:00

If the file originated from the Vancouver Police Department, please contact our Information & Privacy Unit at 604-717-3071. For files originating from other police agencies, please contact them directly for information on how to obtain a copy of the report.

What number do I call if I need to contact Crown Counsel for court information?2021-07-06T14:38:25-07:00

Call (604) 660-4353.

I suspect my spouse is cheating / my business partner is stealing. Can you take fingerprints or DNA samples?2021-05-20T12:22:28-07:00

The VPD only investigates criminal incidents that have taken place in Vancouver, and we are unable to help with civil matters. A police report must have been taken and an incident number provided before the Forensic Identification Unit can become involved.

Where can I make a complaint?2021-06-27T14:30:27-07:00
How long is a police information check valid?2021-07-06T14:08:00-07:00

The VPD does not include expiry dates on completed police information checks. It is the discretion of an employer or volunteer organization to establish guidelines related to recent and acceptable police information checks.

How do I find a number for victim services elsewhere in B.C.?2021-07-06T14:38:57-07:00

Call VictimLINK at 1-800-563-0808.

Does my home or business alarm system have to be registered?2021-05-17T23:42:06-07:00

Yes. Anyone who possesses or uses a security alarm system, within the City of Vancouver, must obtain and maintain a valid security alarm permit. This includes both monitored and non-monitored alarm systems.

How long will my police incident be disclosed on a police information check with vulnerable sector screening?2024-04-05T11:06:13-07:00

The police incident will be reported until the duration of the reporting period has been met. The reporting period commences on the concluding date of the file, not the date of the police incident.

See Crime Types  and Reporting Periods on Police Information Checks – Vulnerable Sector Applications.

My car has been impounded as part of a criminal investigation. When can I get it back?2021-05-20T12:23:37-07:00

If your car was impounded for a criminal investigation, please contact the investigator in charge of the case or the Impounded Vehicle Coordinator at 604-717-3198.

How long do I need to be involved with Block Watch?2021-05-20T12:19:10-07:00

Your block can be involved for as long as you meet all the requirements. Any blocks not taking the necessary steps required to keep their Block Watch active will have the program ended in their block and their signs removed.

Has my vehicle been seized?2021-06-01T12:58:55-07:00

Please call (604) 717-2726 if you believe the VPD has seized your vehicle for any follow-up investigation.

Where do I find information on drug and alcohol resources?2021-07-06T14:40:22-07:00

Call the Alcohol and Drug Information Line at (604) 660-9382.

When is the next police auction?2021-05-20T12:07:12-07:00

A police auction is held at least once a year to dispose of unclaimed property, including bicycles, jewelry, and general merchandise. The date and location of auctions will be shared in our social media channels.

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