Vancouver SHIELD is a partnership between public and private sectors to strengthen Vancouver against terrorism, violent extremism and other threats.

The program aims to increase the public and private sectors’ safety awareness, strengthen security partnerships and enhance resources and information sharing.

The ultimate goal of SHIELD is to create additional “eyes and ears” with community partners to help thwart the potential for any kind of violent incident.


Vancouver SHIELD increases public safety by giving security-minded organizations and groups information and support to help them in their crime prevention efforts, with a focus primarily on property crime and how to recognize and report suspicious activity.

Training is provided in these key areas:

Basic suspect identification: learn to identify the actions and behaviour of a suspicious person

Counter-terrorism and violent extremism: learn to recognize suspicious behaviours and incidents that could be signs of terrorist activities

Active Deadly Threat: How to recognize indicators and what to do when an individual is actively killing or attempting to kill people, generally in a confined and / or populated area

Tactical communication and de-escalation techniques: learn tips and communication techniques to effectively communicate with the public and defuse situations when needed

Gangs in Vancouver: hear from VPD Gang investigators about the current gang climate in Vancouver

Communication protocol: discover what is expected by E-Comm when you are reporting suspicious or criminal activity

Evidence preservation: find out about the importance of crime scene protection and basic forensic identification techniques used by the police

The written statement: learn what details to include in your written statement, as well as how to organize your statement into sections for Crown; you will also learn about the value of a victim impact statement, when to write one, and where to find the forms

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Who would most benefit from the Vancouver SHIELD program?

  • Business Owners
  • Cyber-Professionals
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Education Professionals
  • Security and Critical Infrastructure Sector
  • Faith-Based Community Members
  • First Responder and Emergency Services

Vancouver SHIELD is part of the Global Shield Network consisting of law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world, sharing information and intelligence, and encouraging collaboration with our private sector partners. The main goal is crime and terrorism prevention.

If you see something, say something.