Since 1957, our police service dogs have been valuable members of our team in helping fight crime – the oldest municipal police dog unit in Canada.

The dogs and their handlers track suspects, and find evidence, drugs, firearms, and explosives. They go to about 7,000 calls for service in Vancouver each year, like crimes in progress or that have just happened, including break-ins, assaults, and robberies.

Our dogs wear custom-fitted ballistic vests to increase their safety. While on duty, handlers drive specially designed SUVs, with air-conditioned kennels and heat alarms that will sound if the interior temperature becomes unsafe.

VPD police service dogs live with their handlers as part of their family. They work as long as they are able, usually until they are aged eight to ten, and continue living with their family when they retire.

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Tour the VPD’s Police Dog training facility in person

The VPD has a new dog facility and a show / training field with spectator seating.

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Canine Unit collector cards

If you know kids who love dogs, have them ask a VPD dog handler for their Canine Unit collector card. Collect them all!

In Memoriam

Since 1957 when the VPD Canine Unit was first formed, eight police service dogs have lost their lives protecting the citizens of Vancouver.

Read their stories.

Meet VPD Police Service Dog Justice

Canine Handler Basic Training Program

The Vancouver Police Canine Unit offers a 15-week Canine Handler Basic Training Program for outside law enforcement agencies.

For more information, please contact the Vancouver Police Canine Unit Training Constable at this mailing address:

Vancouver Police Department
Canine Unit
3585 Graveley St.
Vancouver B.C., Canada
V5K 5J5

Telephone: (604) 717-2870