Vancouver Police officers are often called to emergencies in apartments or condos, and they are unable to access the building because of security systems. These calls include potentially life-threatening and urgent incidents, such as:

  • domestic disturbances and assaults
  • incomplete 9-1-1 calls
  • home invasions
  • suicidal people
  • reports of weapons

Project Access allows property managers and strata corporations to voluntarily ensure access for police through the building’s intercom security panel. When officers enter a secure code, police dispatchers at E-Comm automatically receive a phone call to confirm it is a police officer needing access. The public areas of the building, such as the lobby, elevator, and of each floors, are then accessible to police.

VPD members act under, and are subject to, federal, provincial, and municipal laws. During an emergency, police officers have the authority to enter a private dwelling, under common and case law, to protect life and property. This includes making a forced legal entry without a warrant, if the officer believes it is necessary to preserve life or prevent serious injury. A proper announcement is made prior to entry.

Terms of Use: A memo of understanding between the Vancouver Police Department and a strata corporation is strict, documented, and approved by a supervisor. Police would be granted access to the common areas of the building only, and any entry to private suites within the building would be through lawful access.

For more information, please email


For more information, please email

Enter Phone Programming Requirements

The building enter phone must have the capability to program an outside phone line or cell phone. If the enter phone is hardwired to the suites, the programming will not work.

Frequently Asked Questions

After entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Vancouver Police Board, your property manager and/or the strata corporation will voluntarily provide your building intercom directory administrator a telephone number to be programmed into the directory under a secure code. When officers enter the code, a call is automatically placed to E-Comm, the dispatch centre for police, fire, and ambulance services. The E-Comm operator authenticates that it is a police officer on an emergency call who has entered the code. The officers are then granted access to the public spaces of the building, such as the lobby, elevator, and hallways.

Once the MOU has been signed, the Project Access Coordinator will arrange a time to visit your building. They will test to ensure that the enter phone is programmed correctly and post the Project Access decal near the front entrance.

No, our police officers are not authorized to use Project Access to enter the building for a noise complaint.

Under the terms of use between the VPD and your strata corporation, police officers are only granted access to the common areas of the building. A police officer will only enter your suite if the officer has reasonable grounds to believe it is an emergency, such as the prevention of serious injury or death, or if someone has called 911.

Please email the Project Access Coordinator at so we can investigate further and ensure proper entry protocol was followed.