The City of Vancouver manages many booking requests for events each year, many of which require VPD resources to manage safely.

On average, the VPD deals with approximately 1200-2200 events each year. These range from large, planned events, like the Celebration of Light, to sporting events and concerts, parades and walks/runs, film sets and construction. These events are staffed by officers working overtime, which is paid for by the organizers, productions, and businesses.

The VPD also provides resources to numerous demonstrations and protests, when needed. Protests fall under a separate category than events, and those specific details, as well as contact information, are listed further down this page.

Planning an Event?

If you are planning an event, you begin by submitting an application to City Hall. You will find all the information you need in their Special Event Permitting Handbook.

Once your event has been approved, a police planner from our Operational Planning Unit will arrange the necessary police resources and create a policing plan for the event.

The VPD Emergency Operations and Planning Section is responsible for planning and staffing any events that are outside regular policing services and resources. This includes special municipal police officers that may be needed for traffic control.

The person, business, or community organization that is planning the event is responsible for getting all applicable permits required from the City and/or the Parks Board.

Policing Services for Your Event

VPD Planning staff work Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., and they do not monitor emails outside of those hours. We need a minimum of two business days for requests, and a minimum of 30 days for major events.

Changes in legislation, legal requirements, risk management, accountability, worldwide events, and complex social issues have made policing in Vancouver more challenging in recent years. We will always prioritize public safety when assessing requests for police resources. For instance, a large public event like the Celebration of Light or a demonstration will take precedence over a filming or construction request.

The officers providing policing services for an event do not perform tasks that are not core police functions, and they do not take direction from anyone acting on behalf of the organizer of the event. Organizers must have sufficient marshals or security to manage the event. Police are there to support and intervene if they believe a criminal offence has or could occur.

These events typically take place within the city of Vancouver, but exceptions may include events on the University of BC endowment lands and/or Ministry of Transportation permits for highways.

We make every effort to fulfill requests, however, this is not guaranteed. Major events taking place in peak summer months will be given priority, as public safety is paramount.

To book a Vancouver Police Department officer, email our Emergency Operations and Planning Section at


We will need the following information to book a member:

  • Date of event, along with start and end time for the officer(s)
  • Location of the event, including the exaction location where you want our officer(s) to report
  • Contact name and cell phone number of person the officer(s) will report to on the day of the event
  • Any special instructions about their duties
  • City of Vancouver Film & Special Event Office and/or Parks Board approval and support documentation


Special event policing services are provided on a cost-recovery basis. We need the following:

  • Organization/client name and main contact (some organizations/promoters/film productions may be required to pre-pay for police services)
  • Billing address
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • Email address


Charge-out rates 2024 hourly rates (*includes 10% administrative charge)
Special Municipal Constable (Traffic Authority) $80.98  (first 8 hours), $102.76 (hours 9-12), $124.81 (greater than 12 hours)
Constable $174.32
Sergeant $217.90
Staff Sergeant $244.04
Inspector $278.88

Special Municipal Constables (traffic control) – After eight consecutive hours in a shift, the charge rate is at one-and-a-half per hour. After 23 consecutive hours in a shift, the charge rate is at double. A four-hour minimum applies.

A three-hour minimum applies to police constables, sergeants, and staff sergeants.

All charge-out rates include the cost of equipment and police vehicles.

The policing plan for each event is unique; Emergency Operations planners take into consideration many factors, such as location, demographics, prior event history, purpose of the event, risk assessment, and public safety to determine appropriate staffing levels. We will work with you to understand your needs and to ensure you have a safe and successful event.

Please note: We will make all efforts for traffic control to be done by special municipal constables, but high demand and shortages may mean that traffic control will be done with regular constables at the rates indicated.

Cancellation of VPD Members

If you cancel a VPD member within 24 hours of an event, the officer is still entitled to a three-hour minimum charge, which will be billed back to your business or organization. If you give 24 to 72 hours notice, there will be a one-hour charge. There is no charge for notice of 72 hours or more.

The cancellation must be done directly with an Emergency Operations Planner. A cancellation is only considered accepted by our Emergency Operations and Planning Section if we were contacted directly by telephone or if we have sent you an email confirmation.

Cancellations can be made by email at

$500 Grant to Offset Policing Costs

The VPD may offer a $500 grant to non-profit organizations and events to offset policing costs incurred during a special event.

Event organizers must go through the application process and meet with the FEST Committee to qualify for the grant.

Pop-up: If you are serving liquor at an event in any private or public location, except a private home, you will need a Special Occasion Licence.