For over 35 years, members of the community have been volunteering their time, providing an extra set of eyes and ears on Vancouver streets, as part of the VPD’s Community Crime Watch (CCW). They patrol in teams of two on Friday and Saturday nights. Volunteers work closely with the constable in charge of the program, and use police radios on a dedicated Crime Watch channel.

The volunteers report suspicious activity or crimes in progress, including break-ins, mischief, impaired driving, and stolen vehicles. In fact, CCW has helped recover over 4750 since 1993. Police are called, if needed, as volunteers do not actively get involved in arresting suspects.

We have over 50 volunteer members of all ages (19+) and from all walks of life, who are making a positive contribution to fighting crime in our community.

Community Crime Watch is currently accepting applications.

For more information, please email Constable Stephen Jones

Basic Requirements for Volunteers

  • Canadian citizen or Landed Immigrant
  • 19 years of age or older
  • No criminal record
  • Suitable character
  • Valid class 5 BC driver’s licence with a clean record
  • Access to a vehicle for patrols
  • Good English communication and writing skills
  • Good observation skills
  • An ability to assess on-view situations and relay details over a radio

If you need more time or experience to meet the requirements, please consider volunteering with one of our community policing centres.