You love being a police officer, but maybe your department is not the right fit. Perhaps life circumstances have you considering a move. Whatever the reason, if you are looking to change police departments, the VPD can offer many opportunities that other agencies cannot. Our salary and benefits are considered among the most generous of all Canadian police agencies. Vancouver offers the challenge of big-city policing, and many varied career opportunities. As well, the size of our department means the potential to advance more quickly.

At the Vancouver Police Department, your years of prior service will be recognized when calculating your salary and annual leave entitlements.

For advice regarding pension transfers, please contact the administrator of your existing pension.

Join VPD as an Experienced Officer

$10,000 incentive provided to experienced officers successfully hired.

Term and conditions apply.

Pay and Benefits

Our salary and benefits are among the most generous of all Canadian police agencies.

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If you are an experienced member looking for more information, or who is ready to apply, please contact Sergeant Ryan Perry – 604-717-2706.

In-Person Information Sessions

To view the dates of upcoming Information Sessions, click HERE.

Online Information Session

Prior to submitting your application, you must either watch the online Information Session or attend an in-person Information Session. Attending an in-person Information Session gives you the opportunity to hear directly from VPD recruiters and have your questions answered.


Are you a police officer currently working with a Canadian police agency?

Have you worked as a police officer with a Canadian police agency in the past three years?

Does your Canadian police agency have training and minimum standards equivalent to a BC municipal department?

Have you successfully completed your police recruit training?

If so, you may qualify as an experienced officer.

If you are a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident living outside of Canada, you must apply in the same process as our regular member applicants.