Vancouver – Vancouver Police Chief Constable, Adam Palmer, issued the following statement today in response to Vancouver City Council’s decision to reduce the Vancouver Police Department’s net budget by $5.7 million for 2021.

“I am disappointed with today’s budget vote. I am concerned this decision will directly impact public safety in Vancouver and the wellness of our officers.

The Vancouver Police Board requested $322 million for 2021 to maintain current staffing and public safety levels. City Council voted today to approve a budget of $316 million. This means 61 fewer police recruits will be hired to meet public safety challenges in 2021.

Some elected officials have tried to position this as a status quo budget by holding the VPD at 2020 funding levels. This is simply not true. Maintaining 2020 budget levels leaves the VPD with a $5.7 million shortfall to meet fixed cost obligations.

I want to thank the many residents and business owners who took the time to reach out to the VPD, Vancouver Police Board, and City Council to express their support for public safety in Vancouver.”