The Vancouver Police Department believes that compelling circumstances exist requiring the Department to warn the public that Frank William Skani poses a risk of significant harm to the safety of females.

Skani is a two-time federal offender who was serving 10 years for sexual assault with a weapon, forcible confinement, and property crime-related offences. He completed his sentence and was arrested in 2008 for sexual assault which occurred while he was on statutory release.

Skani is a 33 year old Aboriginal male, 5’9” tall, and 199 lbs. He has long black hair that he typically wears in a pony tail and brown eyes. Skani has several tattoos:

  • tribal art on right upper arm and forearm
  • eagle with tribal art on left upper arm
  • tribal art on left forearm
  • “Motor Harley Davidson” written on right side of chest
  • angel on left side of chest

Frank Skani must abide by the following conditions of his statutory release:

  • abstain from intoxicants
  • report all intimate relationships and friendships to his parole supervisor
  • not to associate with those believed to be involved in criminal activity and/or substance abuse

Anyone witnessing Frank William Skani breaching the above conditions is asked to call 9-1-1.