The Vancouver Police Department believes that compelling circumstances exist requiring the Department to warn the public that Dale Rolland Alexander will be residing in the City of Vancouver, and he poses a risk of significant harm to the safety of adult women.

Alexander served a nine-year sentence after being convicted of sexual assault causing bodily harm, kidnapping and uttering threats. He has been assessed a high risk for sexual and violent re-offending.

Alexander is 38 years old, white, 6” tall and 141 lbs., with brown hair and blue eyes. he is 183cm (6’0”) and 64 kg (141 lbs.)

He is bound by the following conditions:

  • abstain from intoxicants
  • not to enter establishments where the the primary source of income is derived from the sale or consumption of alcohol

Anyone witnessing Alexander in violation of any of these conditions is asked to contact their local police department at 9-1-1.