Vancouver Police have closed down a portion of Renfrew Street as members of the Emergency Response Team assist Drug Unit investigators with a drug-related search warrant on what is believed to be a suspected drug house.

The incident began at around 5 a.m. this morning, after police acted on information about suspicious activity at the home. VPD Emergency Response Team members, investigators from the VPD Drug Unit, and other emergency service personnel responded but no one was in the home at the time.

Every precaution is being taken to ensure the safety of anyone in the immediate area and traffic disruptions on Renfrew Street could be expected throughout the morning as investigators work to determine what might be inside the home. Faced with the possibility of unknown chemicals in the house police have taken the precaution of advising residents of adjacent homes to stay inside.

Investigators and experts in dealing with chemicals related to drug houses expect to be on scene throughout the day as they process anything found inside the home.