2013.06.13. mobile-command-centre

Police Foundation Brochure

The public will soon be seeing a new vehicle rolling through the streets of Vancouver following this afternoon’s launch of the Vancouver Police Department’s new Mobile Command Centre. The Command Centre will become the flagship vehicle for the Department and will be used at crime scenes, emergency response incidents and public events.

“Today we are announcing a major step forward for the Vancouver Police Department,” says Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu. “When we measure the progress of the Department as it matures and becomes more sophisticated and better equipped to handle modern policing challenges, we will look with appreciation to our partners in the community and all they have done to help us achieve our goals.”

The purchase of the Mobile Command Centre was made possible through a generous $500,000 Vancouver Police Foundation Grant and the support of the Vancouver Police Board and the City of Vancouver.

“The Vancouver Police Foundation is proud to have cooperated with the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Board in the purchase of this essential, state-of-art Mobile Command Centre,” says Peter Brown, Chair of the Vancouver Police Foundation. “This highly-visible vehicle will contribute to the capability and efficiency of our dedicated police force in pursuing their goal to make Vancouver Canada’s safest major city.”

At today’s event, the Vancouver Police Foundation also announced $293,908 in further funding to support ongoing and future community policing projects. To date, the Vancouver Police Foundation has given out over $2.5 million dollars in Vancouver Police Foundation Grants in support of these policing initiatives.

For information on the VPD Mobile Command Centre, please view this brochure.

For further information about the Vancouver Police Foundation and the programs they support, please visit their website.