For the month of June, the BC Gun Amnesty will allow British Columbians to voluntarily surrender illegal or unwanted firearms, weapons or ammunition to police for safe disposal. During this time, police will not recommend weapons-related Criminal Code charges that might otherwise apply.

Endorsed by the BC Association of Chiefs of Police and supported by Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton, the Gun Amnesty is aiming to make the province safer. Anton stressed the importance of taking unlicensed and unwanted guns out of our homes and off our streets:

“This amnesty gives citizens the opportunity to partner with police to help keep our community safe,” said Minister Anton earlier today. “I urge you to call your local police during the amnesty this month and ask them to collect your unwanted firearms and ammunition.”

In the first 17 days of the month-long gun amnesty, the Vancouver Police Department has received 21 calls for service, resulting in the following weapons being turned in for safe disposal:

  • 22 rifles
  • 6 handguns
  • 4 shotguns
  • 5 replicas/pellet guns
  • 686 individual rounds of ammunition (approximately)

With just under two weeks remaining until the end of June, the Vancouver Police are renewing their appeal to citizens to turn in unwanted weapons, as police believe there are many more weapons out there.

If you have weapons that you would like to surrender, call the Vancouver Police Department at (604) 717-3321 and an officer will come to your house to pick up the firearm and any ammunition.

For safety reasons, when the officer arrives, do not come to your door with the firearm in hand. Also, do not drop items off at the police department.

“Let’s all do our part to make our homes, our streets and our communities safer,” said Constable Sandra Glendinning, media spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department

For more information on the BC Gun Amnesty, visit this website.