All five people arrested yesterday in Oppenheimer Park yesterday for obstruction, breach of a court order and breach of the peace have been released from custody.

Officers entered the park shortly after 10:00 yesterday morning asking campers to abide by the BC Supreme Court order requiring them to pack up their belongings. All were well-informed by police and others that failing to comply with the court order may result in arrest.

The vast majority of campers were cooperative, but a small number of individuals interfered with workers as they attempted to remove the last of the tents. Negotiations throughout the day continued with no progress. Officers were eventually required to step in to keep the peace and arrest three men and two women.

Once control of the park was regained, there was no longer any concern for a continuation of the offence. Police were able to confirm the identity of those arrested, and each was released from custody.

The goal of police was to safely enforce the BC Supreme Court order allowing workers to restore the park, and not to criminalize the campers. In reviewing all of the circumstances, and with public interest in mind, the Vancouver Police has decided not to recommend criminal charges.