For the month of October, the BC Gun Amnesty will allow British Columbians to voluntarily surrender illegal or unwanted firearms, weapons or ammunition to police agencies across the province. During this time, police will not recommend weapons-related Criminal Code charges that might otherwise apply to stored and unregistered weapons.

The amnesty does not apply to firearms used in the commission of a criminal offence.

“Every year stolen firearms fall into the hands of criminals who use those guns in the commission of violent criminal offences,” says VPD spokesperson Staff Sergeant Randy Fincham. “Unwanted, unused, or stolen firearms can also find their way in to the hands of kids. We want to get these guns into the hands of the police.”

If you have unwanted or unused firearms in your home, contact your local police department so officers can safely dispose of them for you.

Remember, don’t drop your firearms off at your local police department, and when the police come to your door, greet officers with empty hands.

Visit the BC Gun Amnesty website for more information.