Police have now identified a man believed responsible for a summertime break-in to a popular local convenience store.

Just before 4:00 a.m. on August 24th, a man smashed the glass to the front door of the East Vancouver store. Video shows the alleged thief on his hands and knees crawling into the store only to discover he was not able to find any cash.  Rather than leave empty-handed, he helped himself to a grocery bag and collected a variety of soft drinks and candy before leaving the area.

Later that morning, a staff member discovered the crime, called police, and was careful not to disturb anything until police arrived. Various items were collected from the store by police, including surveillance footage and forensic evidence. The cost of the stolen loot was under $50, but the damage to the door was over $500.

“This is a great example of teamwork between retailers and police,” says Vancouver Police Constable Jason Doucette.  “We know that offenders not only take property from a crime scene, but they also leave a little bit of themselves behind. It could be a piece of clothing, a fingerprint, or a drop of blood. Police have a better chance of solving a crime when the evidence is not disturbed.”

On October 10th, evidence gathered at the break-in resulted in the identification of the 34-year-old suspect with no fixed address. Police have requested a charge of break and enter.

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