The VPD’s Commercial Vehicle Unit, along with other local police, and the Provincial Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSE) team, have partnered together to inspect commercial vehicles for safety violations. The inspections will take place today and tomorrow at multiple locations in Vancouver.

These collaborative inspections are part of an ongoing campaign focused on improving road safety by identifying unsafe commercial vehicles.

The vast majority of commercial vehicles are operated safely and are well maintained. Inspectors will be focusing on trucks that are in an obvious state of disrepair, and will be flagging them in for further inspection. Mechanical deficiencies, load security, bald tires, brakes, windshields, suspension, and steering components, are a few of the areas inspectors will be targeting.

The media is invited at 10:30 this morning to Foley Street and Great Northern Way for a firsthand look at the officers conducting inspections.

Statistics from yesterday

Yesterday, we chose five random locations in Vancouver, and inspected a wide range of commercial vehicles. “Unit” means anything with a license plate that was inspected.

  • total number of units checked – 75
  • number of units with no violations present – 0
  • number of units with violations present – 75
  • number of units that met out of service criteria – 40
    Note: 53% of all units checked were out of service, 100% had violations.

Total fine amount- $11,761