The Vancouver Police Department issued more than 2,100 violation ticket to drivers in March alone for distracted driving awareness month – a province-wide education and enforcement campaign that targets distracted drivers who can’t leave their phones alone.

“The VPD and police agencies throughout the province stepped up their enforcement last month to encourage drivers not to be distracted behind the wheel,” says Constable Jason Doucette, VPD.  “Based on the number of tickets issued, it appears these dangerous driving behaviours are still an issue.”

The fines for using an electronic device start at $368, and the costs increase with subsequent tickets.

“It only takes a second for a sudden change in traffic, or for someone to walk in front of your vehicle, often leaving you with a completely preventable collision,” says VPD Constable Jason Doucette. “We would really like to get to point where it becomes a challenge for our officers to find distracted drivers. Unfortunately, even after all of the public awareness motorists receive, there has been very little need for us to get creative.”

Road safety is a shared responsibility. The VPD is dedicated to increasing road safety with enforcement that targets unsafe driving behaviour, like distracted driving, speeding and impaired driving.