We extend our deepest condolences to Myles Gray’s family members and friends who loved him dearly. We recognize that nothing can change the events that transpired the day Myles died, and no words can take away the pain and sorrow from his family. We hope the Coroner’s Inquest has given them the answers they have sought since he died nearly eight years ago, on August 13, 2015.

Myles’ death had a profound and lasting impact on everyone involved, and we extend our appreciation to those who participated in the Coroner’s Inquest. We thank the Coroner’s jury for their thoughtful deliberations, as well as the civilian witnesses, police officers, other first responders and medical experts who waited nearly eight years to share their stories.

The Coroner’s jury has now delivered two recommendations for police and we will review them carefully. These recommendations build on processes that are currently in place or are substantially underway. We believe all police officers should have access to the most up-to-date training on crisis de-escalation and mental health, and we are currently implementing a pilot program to equip all front-line officers with body-worn cameras in the near future.