Many in our community are horrified by the terrorist attacks on Israel and the ongoing events in the Middle East. Although these events are unfolding thousands of kilometres away, they reverberate strongly throughout our city and around the world. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by the devastating events. We also know that many of you are concerned for your safety here at home.

The Vancouver Police Department is working closely with our public safety, intelligence, and counter-terrorism partners, locally, nationally, and internationally. We have activated the VPD Department Operations Centre, which incorporates specialized resources and a senior command structure to coordinate all related activities throughout the city.

We are actively engaged with community members and faith leaders to support our neighbourhoods and to keep everyone safe in Vancouver. We’re maintaining an increased police presence around places of worship, community centres, schools, and other key locations, to reassure the community. While there is currently no specific threat identified in Vancouver, we’re closely monitoring global events to assess the risk of violence and disorder in the city.

We have developed detailed plans and will have significant resources deployed for any protests, demonstrations, and gatherings. We support everyone’s right to peacefully assemble and to express themselves in accordance with Canadian law. When demonstrations occur, our primary role is to maintain order, facilitate safe and peaceful gatherings, and respond to unlawful behaviour. We encourage everyone who gathers to express themselves in a way that is peaceful, lawful, and respectful of others. Any violence, incidents of hate, and criminal activity will be fully investigated.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves to ensure the safety of all residents, businesses, and visitors to Vancouver.