Vancouver – Vancouver Police have released pictures of a woman who assaulted an officer during a protest earlier this month, and are asking anyone who recognizes her to call police.

“We work hard to create an environment that allows people to peacefully gather so they can express themselves,” says Constable Tania Visintin. “While most people continue to act lawfully and respectfully, we’ve noted an increased level of aggression and hostility from some participants at recent gatherings. Their actions have endangered our officers and the public.”

The VPD constable was assaulted downtown on March 2 after a group of protesters attempted to occupy the Granville Street Bridge – a critical piece of infrastructure. Officers formed a line near the on-ramp of the bridge to stop the group from advancing, but the group pushed at the officers and tried to break through.

The constable was injured when a protester struck her in the face and used a small stick with a flag attached to poke at her eyes.

The suspect fled back into the crowd before police could arrest her.

The suspect has a heavy build and shoulder-length dark hair. She was wearing a dark-coloured sweater and leggings, distinctive pink shoes, and reading glasses. She was also wearing a tan baseball cap, a white and red scarf, and a black medical face mask.

Officers recognized the woman from previous protests, but her identity is unknown.

Anyone who witnessed the assault or recognizes the suspect, is asked to call VPD’s Major Crime Section at 604-717-2541.