A 33 year old man remains in custody and police have requested charges after a Vancouver Police “bait bike” was allegedly stolen.

At approximately 8:30 p.m. on September 5th, officers locked the bike to a bike rack near the corner of 7th Avenue and Cambie Street.

Only 45 minutes later, the officers noticed a man walk by the bike and appear to look intently at it. He went into the Canadian Tire store across the street, purchased a pair of bolt cutters, walked directly back to the bait bike, and cut the lock off. He rode off on 7th Avenue and was arrested at 7th and Yukon without incident.

Charges of theft and possession of break-in instruments have been requested. The suspect is known to police with over 200 police contacts and a lengthy criminal record for property crime.

Vancouver police have arrested at least a dozen people with the use of bait bikes in the last three months and will continue to use this valuable tool to try and reduce bike theft in the city.

Everyone is encouraged to record the serial numbers of their bikes and other property so that it can be easily and quickly returned if recovered by police. For more information, check out our Log It or Lose It program and make it easy to document your property.