The Vancouver Police are once again encouraging everyone to be vigilant during the holiday season, report suspicious activity, and reduce the risk of becoming the victim of theft.

Thieves will steal anything if given an opportunity. Police are asking shoppers to avoid making multiple trips to their cars or leave anything visible inside. It takes just seconds for someone to break in to your vehicle and steal your possessions or gifts. If you don’t want to lose something, don’t leave it in your vehicle.

The VPD encourages shoppers to choose parking lots with a Safer Parking Award, which identifies parking facilities where extra steps have been taken to ensure a safer environment for customers. Lots that are well maintained, with better lighting, clear signage, and onsite security, emergency phones, and with parking attendants, all help deter criminals.

The Safer Parking Initiative has grown to over 100 awarded lots in the City of Vancouver, with another 25 lots being coached towards greater safety and security. However, the public are also asked to do their part to help reduce property crime.

VPD Safer Holiday Shopping Parking Tips

  • if you must store anything in your vehicle, ensure all items are out of sight
  • if you are placing items in your trunk and then leaving your vehicle, look around and make sure no one is watching you
  • use an anti-theft device
  • remove garage door openers and keep insurance papers hidden in your car – together they give a thief your home address, and a way to get in
  • report all suspicious activity to the police immediately
  • choose a Safer Parking Award winning lot – look for signage identifying the lot as a Safer Parking Award lot or find a current list here

Reported Theft-from-Auto Incidents in Vancouver

2016 – 10,554 (January 1st – October 31st)
2015 – 10,143
2014 – 9,645
2013 – 8,020
2012 – 7,778
2011 – 7,249
2010 – 8,363
2009 – 9,629
2008 – 11,047
2007 – 11,960
2006 – 14,476