Rocky Rambo Wei Nam Kam, a 25-year-old Vancouver resident, has been charged with two counts of second degree murder by Crown Counsel, in relation to the September 26th murders of Dianna Mah-Jones, 65, and Richard Jones, 68, of Vancouver.

“Solving these murders, as quickly as possible, has been a priority for the Vancouver Police. This was a complex investigation and solid, thorough police work has led to the arrest of the suspect and the charges,” said VPD Chief Constable Adam Palmer.

Officers from VPD’s Homicide Unit, and more than 200 members from as many as 15 VPD specialty sections, have worked around-the-clock on the case.

Investigators are thanking the public for their help after receiving more than 100 sources of video and numerous tips. The RCMP’s Forensic Services Laboratory have also been instrumental in this investigation.

The relationship between the victims and the accused, if any, remains unclear as investigators try to piece together a motive for these crimes.