Vancouver Police are asking anyone who may have cell phone footage, of the Granville Street fight that occurred on Saturday, January 27, 2018, and claimed the life of Kalwinder Thind, to call investigators.

VPD investigators have determined that the fight involved two separate groups from inside the Cabana Lounge. Tension between the two groups had been brewing throughout the evening and eventually led to the fight outside.

“The evidence suggests that several people have photos and recordings of the events before, during and after this incident. They have uploaded edited footage to various social media sites but have yet to come forward to police,” says Sergeant Robillard, VPD. “It’s important for our detectives to see the unedited footage – it could be crucial to the investigation.”

Investigators are working on identifying the people in the two groups and are asking individuals from both groups to call police. “This incident appears to be an isolated fight, fuelled by alcohol, that got out of hand,” says Sergeant Robillard. “We need to talk to the people involved as soon as possible.”

Criminal charges have not yet been laid. Five people were originally arrested and have since been released pending further investigation.

Investigators are asking anyone with pictures or video, or additional information, to call Vancouver Police Homicide Detectives at (604)717-2500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-877-222-8477.