Vancouver Police have made arrests in a series of recent distraction thefts in South Vancouver. Two individuals are facing charges.

The arrests occurred after the last report of a theft on March 22, when an 84-year-old woman was approached in the area of East 43rd Avenue and Lancaster Street by a female suspect. The suspect immediately got into the woman’s personal space, placed inexpensive jewelry around her neck, and allegedly stole her valuable necklace.

The suspect quickly got into an awaiting vehicle and left the area. Police were called and the suspects were arrested within 25 minutes of the incident.

“Our officers were able to quickly locate the suspects with the help of information provided by witnesses. Since the arrests, there have not been any similar thefts reported in Vancouver,” says Constable Jason Doucette, VPD. “Detectives are continuing their investigation to see if there are links to similar events. We are still encouraging others to come forward if they have been victims of this scam.”

Crown counsel has approved charges of theft and possession of stolen property against 41-year-old Elena Ghiocel, and 31-year-old Constanin Miclescu. Both suspects are residents of Scarborough, Ontario and are in custody. A third person, who was arrested at the time, has been released pending further investigation.