Vancouver Police are preparing for the upcoming 4/20 event and are asking parents to have a conversation with their children about the risks of attending a large, unsanctioned cannabis event.

“With the warm weather, the long weekend, and the free concert, we recognize that this year’s 4/20 event may be a big draw for teens,” says Sergeant Jason Robillard, VPD. “Like other large public events, our focus will be on the safety of attendees, the general public, and first responders, but we will be paying special attention to vendors to ensure they are not selling to minors.”

Booth operators are encouraged to make it a priority to identify minors and to post signs in front of each booth that discourage sales to young people.

The VPD has been working with the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board to plan for 4/20. There will be a visible police presence at the event. In addition to patrol officers, the VPD’s Public Safety Unit and Gang Crime Unit will be on site. Police will focus on:

  • monitoring sales to those who appear to be minors and taking action if sales are observed,
  • looking for drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol – drivers can expect to see police drug recognition experts and officers equipped with alcohol screening devices on the roads throughout the day, and
  • monitoring for gang members or associates in the crowd.

The VPD will continue to do everything possible, including enforcement as required, to maintain the safety of the public and reduce any negative impact to people not associated with the event who are living, working, and visiting the area.