Vancouver Police are encouraging scooter and e-bike owners to lock up their rides, after an uptick in thefts across the city this spring.

“Warm weather and expensive gas means more people are choosing alternative ways to get around,” says Constable Steve Addison, VPD. “Scooters and e-bikes are fun and affordable, but they’re also easy to steal if you don’t take the right security precautions.”

Scooters and electric bikes accounted for more than 20 per cent of all vehicles stolen in Vancouver between May 5 and June 1, and the total number stolen doubled compared to the previous month. Thirteen gas-powered scooters were stolen in Vancouver in May alone, along with seven electric bikes and three electric scooters.

“Thieves will take anything they can get their hands on,” Constable Addison says. “Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your scooter safe.”

Here are the VPD’s top five tips to protect your scooter or e-bike:

  1. Lock your scooter to a fixture so it can’t be easily lifted and carried away.
  2. Use a disc brake locking mechanism to prevent it from being rolled away.
  3. Don’t leave your spare key anywhere on the bike, including in the storage compartment under the seat.
  4. Use the handlebar locking mechanism and factory alarm.
  5. Park in populated, well-lit areas to deter thieves.