Vancouver Police are informing the public that Cameron Eugene Ratelle, a high-risk sex offender who poses a danger to young women, has been released from custody and will be living in the city.

Ratelle, 40, is a federal offender who was convicted of sexual assault against a person under age 18. He has completed his sentence, but still poses a high risk to re-offend and is known to target young women aged 16 to 25.

Ratelle is black, 5’8″, and 200 pounds. He has a large build, a shaved head, and brown eyes. He is hearing impaired, but uses hearing aids and reads lips.


Ratelle is bound by the following release conditions:

  • Not to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol
  • Not to purchase, possess, or consume non-prescription drugs
  • Must immediately report any attempt to initiate a sexual or non-sexual relationship with females to a parole supervisor
  • Not to purchase, possess, acquire, or access pornography or sexually explicit materiel
  • Must reside at a community correctional centre or community residential facility that is approved by Correctional Service of Canada
  • Not to attend the property of any educational institute or school without written approval from a parole supervisor
  • Not to access the internet or any electronic device with internet capabilities
  • Not to be in the presence of any female under the age of 18 without permission from a parole officer
  • Follow a treatment plan/ program arranged by a parole supervisor.

Anyone who believes Cameron Ratelle has violated any of these conditions is asked to call 9-1-1.