Vancouver Police have taken 360 impaired drivers off of Vancouver roads during this year’s summer CounterAttack campaign — 100 more impaired drivers than last year.

An increase in officers for this year’s roadblocks, which ran from late June to early August, may have contributed to the increase in numbers, but it is also an indication that impaired driving remains a problem on our roads.

“Roadblocks can be anywhere. If you drive stoned or drunk, you are putting yourself and others at risk, and the chance of getting caught is very likely,” says Sergeant Jason Robillard. “Some people just aren’t getting the message that impaired driving just isn’t worth it.”

Of the 360 drivers taken off the roads this past month, 116 drivers were issued roadside suspensions and  244 were issued with immediate roadside prohibitions.  Twelve Criminal Code impaired driving charges have also been recommended to Crown counsel.

CounterAttack road blocks are a partnership between VPD and the Insurance Corporation of B.C., with a mandate to promote safe driving and take impaired motorists off the road. Impaired driving remains one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in B.C., and it is entirely preventable.

Anyone who spots an impaired driver is asked to call 9-1-1 immediately.